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Life School FAQ’s

What Kind of Programs are Included in the Life School Mastery Membership Portal?

Programs included in the Life School Mastery Membership portal are rolled out one at a time. They included titles like: Take Back Your Time, 5 Day Challenge and The Boundaries Boot Camp, Finding Your True Love, Overcoming Procrastination, Financial Empowerment: Change your Money Beliefs and Change Your Life, Letting Go of Fear, The Power of Mindfulness, The Science Behind Happiness, Healing your Relationship with Your Health, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Discovering Your Why, Empowered Decision Making, The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge, The Power of Forgiveness and so many more.

When are Life School Programs Made Available to Life School Mastery Members?

Life School Programs are rolled out one at a time beginning in January 2021 and at least once per month. You will receive an email when a new program is ready for you to enjoy. Members who join after January 2021 have access to all previously rolled out programs in the Membership area.

How Long to Life School Mastery Membership Programs Take to Complete?

Each Program within the Life School Portal takes from 5 – 10 hours to complete. There will be some programs that take more time, so each program has an estimated time indicator, so you know what you are getting into before you start.

Which Programs Should I Work on First?

You are encouraged to work on the programs that really speak to you in term of where you are getting in your own way or if you want to build a knowledge base for yourself, your clients or your family.

What are Life School Celebrations?

At Life School we celebrate progress towards your development of a strong personal foundation. At CoachPath, we know that if you do the work, the benefits heavily outweigh the investment of time and energy, so we incentivize you to keep going with the work of developing your greatest potential.

To be recognized at these milestones, you must have completed The 10-week Life School Intensive work at least 80%, complete an average of at least 1 program per quarter within the Life School Mastery Membership Curriculum and maintain your Life School Mastery Membership.

Phase 1 – Completion of at least 80% of the work in the 10 – week Life School Intensive Program

Phase 2 - 1 Year in the Life School Mastery Membership and a total of 4 programs complete

Phase 3 - 2 Years in the Life School Mastery Membership and a total of 8 programs complete

Phase 4 – Attendance at The Life School Mastery Retreat

When you complete each phase, you will receive Life School Swag in the mail commemorating your accomplishments. You will also be highlighted on our website and in social media (if you like)!

What Are the Requirements for Life School Intensive Graduation?

1. Completion of at least 80% of the exercises inside the 10-Week Life School Intensive Student Portal.

2. Submit a 1 – 2-page essay or 3 – 5-minute video recording describing what you got out of your work in the Life School Intensive and how the Life School Intensive has added value to your life, relationships, business or career.

Once you have Officially Graduated, you will receive a graduation gift in the mail, recognition on our Web Site, and you will officially be a Life School Butterfly. Click Here for Graduation Application.

If I Quit Life School Mastery Membership, Can I come back?

The Short answer is no. At CoachPath, we are committed to building a committed, strong community of like-minded, life-long learners. We want to attract people who are dedicated to their own personal growth and to being in community with other people who are devoted to the process of growth and personal development. For this reason, as part of the Terms and Conditions of your Membership in Life School Mastery Membership, if you should ever quit Life School Mastery Membership, you will not be allowed to rejoin. The only exceptions to this are in the cases of an emergency defined as the death or extended illness of an immediate family member, an extended illness of your own, involvement in a natural disaster or some other qualifying emergency. Please contact for instructions in filing an appeal. Approval of appeals is at the sole discretion of the officers of Joy of Life Ventures, INC., the parent organization of CoachPath.

About Us

CoachPath is the brainchild of Coach Jille Bartolome, who is a Master Certified Coach, Author, and Speaker and Instructor whose clients experience breakthroughs in living a life fully connected to their own wisdom. Jille is an expert in guiding her clients to ever higher levels of leadership, achievement and happiness.


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