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If you already have some Coach Specific Training from an ICF Certified school or CCE program, we would love to have you join us to finish your PCC. Please contact us at to set up an appointment to speak with an admissions advisor about your specific situation.

And Consider this:

  • Everyone at the CoachPath Coach School starts by Graduating from the Life School Intensive or Applying for a waiver as a Personal Development Specialist.
  • We will not require you to retake or repay for QUALIFIED ICF Coach Specific training that you have already had.
  • You will join a Cohort for the courses you need to fulfill your PCC level requirements and CoachPath Coach School requirements and you will have access to the entire curriculum if you want to join in there as well.
  • You will have all the tools you need to complete your training and become an ICF Professional Coach.
  • You will graduate with a Signature Program. Once you have your Signature Program approved you own your Signature Program and you may do with it what you like. As a benefit to our Coach School Graduates, we welcome you to put your Signature program back into the Life School Mastery Membership as part of the Life School Curriculum or at a discount of at least 15%. We are constantly marketing the Life School Intensive and Mastery Membership and attracting people who are interested in Personal Development, Business Development and Coaching. In fact, At CoachPath our primary marketing objective, is to keep the Life School Programs filled for the benefit of the Life School Participants, to act as a funnel for Coach School, and provide opportunities for coaching for our Coach School Graduates. We believe we have created the perfect circle for maximum impact and success for everyone involved.

Affordable Tuition Options

Tuition for the CoachPath Advanced Coach School is designed to be affordable.

$375.00 per month for 18 months

  • All Coach School Students are Gifted with a Life School Mastery Membership while they are in Coach School and are encouraged to participate in everything that Life School has to offer.
  • Monthly payments for Coach School can begin as soon as you register or on the 1st day of the 1st month of the Course “What Every Coach Knows” which begins every January.
  • Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. All fees must be paid by the 20th of the month or a late fee of $100.00 per month that payment is late is due.

There are no refunds allowed in any case. In the case of extreme emergency, CoachPath will put your account on hold until you can rejoin the curriculum at which point billing will resume.

No additional fees required. All Testing and Mentoring is Included in your Tuition

At most Coach Training Schools, Mentor Coaching, Testing Fees, Books and “other” fees are NOT included in the Tuition and can come at significant cost to you. At the CoachPath Coach School, you will never have more fees you are not expecting, taking some of the financially stress of becoming a coach out of the equation.

*Each person who applies to finish Coach School who has already had some Qualified Coach Specific training have different circumstances. CoachPath Coach School has the final word in what is necessary to graduate from our Coach School. CoachPath Coach School cannot guarantee the acceptance of any previous training by the ICF. Verify your pervious training with the ICF directly.

About Us

CoachPath is the brainchild of Coach Jille Bartolome, who is a Master Certified Coach, Author, and Speaker and Instructor whose clients experience breakthroughs in living a life fully connected to their own wisdom. Jille is an expert in guiding her clients to ever higher levels of leadership, achievement and happiness.


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